Sims 3 Review



Sims 3 review

Today, I picked up Sims 3 for the console (360 to be precise) I’ve been a Sims fan for a long time, although it’s been a while since I last manipulated lives. I’ve never really played the pc version of the Sims so I’m already use to playing with a console.

Admittedly Sims 3 for the Console isn’t half bad, sure I don’t get to create a world full of my own little creations, but to build my dream house and all that jazz. The games interface is easy to get the hang of, with some practice.

There are some Pros and Cons to this game and any other. One of my favourite aspect in this games, like the rest of the Sims series is that I’m able to customize the characters, I’ve always found this aspect to the game an enjoyable one, it’s also great that the character creation is nothing like the one in “The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion” where half the time you end up walking around as a deformed freak of sorts (still a great game all in all). One of my least favoured aspect of the game is that the money system confuses me (a lot), and the fact that as I write this, someone just robbed me of my couch… the fuck. I’m actually pretty upset about this… I no longer have a couch, how will my Sim lazy around now!? HOW!?!?!?!?!? I mean who fucking steals a couch with a fucking TV right in front of it. Which I imagine would be so much lighter compared to a couch.

The further I go into this game the more interesting it gets for me (although my brother is playing it right now as I write this) sure at the moment I’m tired, but whatever. That’s all I really had to say about this game. All in all it’s pretty good, I recommend it to anyone who cares enough of it.


internet censorship?!?!?

State side there’s something brewing. and it’s NOT a nice cup of coffee. it’s a new law proposal that will fucking turn America into China via censoring the fucking INTERNET!

This new law is called COICA (Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act) basically if this law were to pass, the internet in the states will be like the internet in China, censored. to you that know me, i live in Canada. but if this law passes there’s no doubt that Canada will soon do the same. thus prompting me to hate the internet. The COICA will make it so that internet providers blacklist and deny access to sites yeilding copyrighted materials. that is basically the WHOLE of the internet (no argueing) so sites like youtube, tv watching sites and basically ALL torrent sites won’t be accesable to people fron the states.

for all you readers who live in America, please sine this petition to help fight this crazy law here:

Petition to stop the internet blacklist!

and please contact your senator via mail or email stateing how you feel about this. hey, it might help.

Justin Bieber got owned by water bottle

i know this is relativly old news, but it’s still halarious! Justin Bieber was hit in the head by a water bottle which was just the best thing ever, to tell you guys the truth i don’t really the the kid, never have. i remember the first time i’ve ever heard this kid was when my friend told me to listen to a song of his, and i was like “who is this chick, she’s awful” it’s the same for all of my friends, she first though Bieber was a girl (lol)

and to all you crazy Bieber fans and awesome Bieber haters out there:

i just loved the sound that the water bottle made upon inpact with his head here’s another video made by Shimmycocopuffs in responce to the incedent:

Runescape botting

here’s two video’s posted by SilentC0re on YouTube.

Here’s the first video where he guides us through the different types of bots and such:

and here are the resulting video produced:

the music in the begining it kinda annoying but oh well.

now, to answer some questions that might be;

Q: have i ever botted in my years of RS?

A: no (that’s the truth)

Q: do i know how to aquire bots?

A: yes, but just google it yourself, it’s not that hard

Q: have you ever cheated on RS?

A: yes, on the days before the GE (grand exchange) i use to have multiple windows up on two computers (two windows each) with wood cutters cutting willows for money (i did it this way because i was about 12, and didn’t know about these RS bots) two windows for speed (i was still pretty technecally knowledgable.

Q: do you know people who use bots?, and or program to cheat?

A: yes, one of my good friends in real life still plays and cheats for fishing using a ghost mouse, ghost mouse is a program that records your mouse movements and and “plays” that when pressing play on the actual program. (no, i won’t link you to it….)

Q: have bots ever annoyed you in game by getting in the way?

A: yea, haven’t they bothered everyong who played RS who played about 2 years ago?, if you know what i’m talking about, those “Bob’s” running around with like lvl 99 Wood cutting and just generally ugly to look at.

that’s enough Q and A, hope you guys enjoyed 🙂

Toy Story 3~ <3

it's awesome :3

Toy story three is probably one of the best movies coming out of 2010,… so far 😉

while watching this movie nostalia hit me like a brick at some points in the movie, and truth be told, it almost made me cry (but didn’t) but not a sad cry, but happy cry, if that makes any sence.

you should diffinilty watch this if you haven’t yet, or by now pick it up on DVD or do it the illegal way by downloading it, not saying you SHOULD download it…. just saying you should watch it in the matter of your choice, i recomend buying it to give back to pixar what they gave to us. i personaly watched it 3 times, and it’s still awesome, just like Toy Story 1 and 2.

here’s a funny pic i found on DA from a scene from toy story~

by: Wonchop


isn’t it just halarious?

here’s a link to the original: Link

and here’s an image of a scene that i thought was one of the best~!

By: Nasou


isn’t it just beautiful?

such a lovely scene, once again, this is my favortie scene from the movie, and i think it’ll be that way for awhile.

Here’s the link to the original image :


Movie: 10/10


Although releasing back in 08, i finally decided to watch this anime. even though i’ve started watching it back when it first released but then somehow it disspaeared in the snece that i stopped watching it?…

i don’t really have an explanation as to why i stopped watching it. the story is interesting enough but i still have no idea.

well i’m not about 5 episodes into this anime and so far it’s GREAT! i love Taiga she is so cute and adorable with a dash of evil and is able to destroy me, but somehow that makes my affection for he even more in a way…. althou i’m not usallu prone to prefering the “Loli” over the “normal” of “oppai” girls, in this anime my preferences changed slightly. maybe because she reminds me Shana of “shakugan no Shana” could it be i have an interest in “tsundere” girls?. could be.

I love this anime8.5/10

Genital measuring device??

I caught wind of this article through the Monday-9-2010 instalment of Sxephil

along with other news that you can just watch the video for. But one story caught my attention, so i clicked the link Phile has provided in the video description;

Link: CBC

i read through it and it seems that in B.C, in the great nation of which i live in, Canada have been using this to test on sex offenders to see if they are, well, sexoffenders… this actually creeped me out. through my understanding how this device wors is that they apply this device on the mans …. thing and then proceeded to show them nude or semi-nude children while they have them listen to audio of a rape. this actually made my skill crawl. They also gathered together 132 “volunteers” from vages starting at 13 to test this. This made my skin crawl, EVEN MORE.

this brought forth a lot of questions like:

-aren’t the images of the children illegel

-would this be a form of human injustice/humiliation

-why show pictures of children?, i mean there CHILDREN! not cool at all. and naked or at least semi-naked picture, not cool x2

and many other questions that i’ve since forgotten due to lack of interest. there are some good things though. such as it’ll prevent sex offenders from offending again… so atleast they have that…. still creeps me out tho.

but apparently they inded this project which was testing for about 2 decads,have stopped bacuase, to my understanding one of the researchers was charged with sexual assult, OH THE IRONY~

Thats my take on it, read it yourself for more, and better detial. it’s a pretty interestion article, still very creepy tho.