Runescape botting

here’s two video’s posted by SilentC0re on YouTube.

Here’s the first video where he guides us through the different types of bots and such:

and here are the resulting video produced:

the music in the begining it kinda annoying but oh well.

now, to answer some questions that might be;

Q: have i ever botted in my years of RS?

A: no (that’s the truth)

Q: do i know how to aquire bots?

A: yes, but just google it yourself, it’s not that hard

Q: have you ever cheated on RS?

A: yes, on the days before the GE (grand exchange) i use to have multiple windows up on two computers (two windows each) with wood cutters cutting willows for money (i did it this way because i was about 12, and didn’t know about these RS bots) two windows for speed (i was still pretty technecally knowledgable.

Q: do you know people who use bots?, and or program to cheat?

A: yes, one of my good friends in real life still plays and cheats for fishing using a ghost mouse, ghost mouse is a program that records your mouse movements and and “plays” that when pressing play on the actual program. (no, i won’t link you to it….)

Q: have bots ever annoyed you in game by getting in the way?

A: yea, haven’t they bothered everyong who played RS who played about 2 years ago?, if you know what i’m talking about, those “Bob’s” running around with like lvl 99 Wood cutting and just generally ugly to look at.

that’s enough Q and A, hope you guys enjoyed 🙂