Toy Story 3~ <3

it's awesome :3

Toy story three is probably one of the best movies coming out of 2010,… so far 😉

while watching this movie nostalia hit me like a brick at some points in the movie, and truth be told, it almost made me cry (but didn’t) but not a sad cry, but happy cry, if that makes any sence.

you should diffinilty watch this if you haven’t yet, or by now pick it up on DVD or do it the illegal way by downloading it, not saying you SHOULD download it…. just saying you should watch it in the matter of your choice, i recomend buying it to give back to pixar what they gave to us. i personaly watched it 3 times, and it’s still awesome, just like Toy Story 1 and 2.

here’s a funny pic i found on DA from a scene from toy story~

by: Wonchop


isn’t it just halarious?

here’s a link to the original: Link

and here’s an image of a scene that i thought was one of the best~!

By: Nasou


isn’t it just beautiful?

such a lovely scene, once again, this is my favortie scene from the movie, and i think it’ll be that way for awhile.

Here’s the link to the original image :


Movie: 10/10


How To Train Your Dragon


I Watched HTTYD on opening day, but never made a post on it. mainly due to me being just plain lazy.

HTTYD is probably one of the best movies i’ve seen. especialy after Alice in Wonderland. I hated that movie with a passion, but HTTYD brought back the belief that movies can actually have a story line to my likeing.

I actually find my self always looking back and remembering how great of a movie HTTYD is. i would if given the chance watch this movie again. it would more than likely be in my DVD collection right when i start that up (lol).

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you should probably do that. it doesn’t matter to me what your means of watching it is (wink wink nudge nudge) but it’s worth the money/gb (computer).





Up! is probably my favourite 3D movie so far. I watched this a while back and i am just now posting about it. Up is about a young wilderness scout Russel, an old fart Carl Fredricksen, and probably the funniest character in the movie Dug or Alpha. The story begins when Carl decides to go on an adventure so he tied together thousands of balloons to his house. Accompanying him is the young wilderness scout Russel. Upon landing in some strange land in South America they meet up with a weird bird thing and Dug the talking dog.

They later bump into Charles Muntz and his pack of loyal canine companions. Charles Muntz is the child hood hero of Carls, but they soon find out that Charles Muntz is hunting the bird the befriended earlier on in the story. Carl had to make up his mind to either defend or give the bird to this glorry hunting nut case.

That’s basically the story of the movie, i will not soon forget about it.

Star Trek

kick ass

kick ass

now, I’m not saying I’m a full out Star Trek fan boy, but i am saying is that this movie kicks ass.

if you don’t even know the original story. you’d still find yourself to enjoy this film. the story is altered form the original to the point that the directors could have even added a flying monkey. I’m glad they didn’t, that would just be weird.

you can’t say you lived your life and not have heard “beam me up Scottie”, or “live long and prosper”. this new movie has all the cult classic lines, and it references to the show. like how they brought a random red suit with them on a mission, and he ended up dying. it must be tough being a red shirt.

well anyways. if you like of dislike star trek, watch this movie. you will be finding your self on the edge of your seat though out the film.

This movie litterally ruined my summer movie line up. not saying that i won’t go the themovies coming out this summer. but this movie is just so awesome, brings me to tears (no not really).

if your reading this, you should definitly see this movie.


Story: 9/10

acting: 8/10

overall mpression: 10/10

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


OH yea~!

i finally got off my fat ass and write a review for this movie. i watched it like a week back and I’m not sure what i thought of it. the graphics in this movie were horrible, not even comparable to X-Men 2. although the story was by far the best out of the X-men series. well, in my mind it is.

wolverine has been my childhood hero since childhood. he’s right up their with Goku from Dragon Ball Z. one of the reasons i idealize Wolverine is because he’s like the only Canadian super hero, and the fact he’s FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!

if your ever in the mood to watch a movie filled with awesomeness (excluding CG) then go watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Story: 10/10

acting: 5/10

overall impression: 6/10

Monsters vs. Aliens


last Friday, on the same day i went to see Observe and Report, i also saw Monsters vs. Aliens, i “cough” didn’t “cough” payed for both movies of course. i am just making this entry now, because i was to lazy before.

this movie was alright i guess, the 3-Dness of it all was alright i suppose, but not all that great, not including the fact that the movie was like a acting weird at the theatres and shit like that, but i guess shit happens.

the story of this was good, i guees, not saying it was great, but on the other hand there was great humour, and i guess that filled the fact it was kinda boring.

the people who sat behind me were making me freaking pissed off, reason?, well because they are always like “oooo” gawking at amazement when something popped out. but they were kids, so i guess that nullifies it, no. it does not nullify anything. why?, because, i was trying to enjoy myself, and there all like making a ruckus. oh and i shouldn’t forget that they were a family of fat asses, i actually thought one of them fat asses would start eating a chair or two when they ran run out of pop corn.

oh on to the review, other that the people behind me, and the technical problems the theatre was having with the film, i guess it alright. so i guess if you had extra tome and you want to laugh, i recommend this film.


Story: 3/5

voices: 4/5

overall impression: 5/10

Observe and Report


The other day, i went to see Observe and Report. personally i thought it was a good movie, although some of the characters in this movie were just, how do you say?, just plain idiots. well i guess that’s what attracted me to this movie. like for example, Brandy the makeup slut, i don’t even think she’s that hot, you’d have to get me pretty hammered, and then give me a hammer to hit my self over the head to do her, it’s not only the fact she looks like a bimbo, the way she talks just pisses me off.

other than the walking idiot named Brandy. the movie was pretty good, my favorite part of this movie is when the two mall cops beat the living crap out of those f’ing skaters, god i hate skaters.

so if your ever high, or just want to watch a funny ass movie, i recommend Observe and report.


Story: 4/5

actors: 4/5

overall impression: 8.5/10