internet censorship?!?!?

State side there’s something brewing. and it’s NOT a nice cup of coffee. it’s a new law proposal that will fucking turn America into China via censoring the fucking INTERNET!

This new law is called COICA (Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act) basically if this law were to pass, the internet in the states will be like the internet in China, censored. to you that know me, i live in Canada. but if this law passes there’s no doubt that Canada will soon do the same. thus prompting me to hate the internet. The COICA will make it so that internet providers blacklist and deny access to sites yeilding copyrighted materials. that is basically the WHOLE of the internet (no argueing) so sites like youtube, tv watching sites and basically ALL torrent sites won’t be accesable to people fron the states.

for all you readers who live in America, please sine this petition to help fight this crazy law here:

Petition to stop the internet blacklist!

and please contact your senator via mail or email stateing how you feel about this. hey, it might help.


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