Who Am I?

Who am I?, that is the question some of your may be wondering. well I’m no one important. i am just an Asian kid living in a white world. not to say that I’m the only ethnicity within a 34 mile radios, but all I’m saying is that there are a lot of Caucasians around me.

My name is Johnson Nguyen, that’s right I’m Vietnamese, and proud of it, although i do not know how to speak it, but I’m still proud anyways. yes yes, i know what your thinking, “how are you Vietnamese yet don’t know the language”. my mom complains about it all the time, well as the story goes, at an early age, i just didn’t bother learning the language. i found it more important to learn English.

Now, on to more important matters, and that is, why am i creating a blog. well the answer to that is actually a sad one that i will tell anyways. basically i am a gamer, i love to spend countless hours on mmo’s, on games that would in-gulf my soul into a world or wonder and mystery, being able to escape my boring reality into a world where i can be anyone i want to be. but as i look back those days are fading, faster then i originally thought. basically one day my graphics card went on the fritz and thats when i knew my gaming days were drawing to a end, and finally one day about one week ago it finally failed me. so, that’s the story.

oh right, that probably doesn’t explain why i am writing a blog. basically for the reason of i am bored without my games, so i thought “might as well” and that’s how my blog came to be.


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