Jonas Brothers tv show


Disney, for shame. first you bring this world that pop Deva with a split personality, and now you bring the world guys who wear purity rings. what on earth has gotten into you guys?!?, seriously, what happened to the good ol’ days of,… the Lion king, and all that nonsense.

Disney has been bringing up these teenagers to boast them around for some profit. giving them record labels, cash, and even a TV show. but once there to old, you ditch them like last weeks casserole.

but anyways. on to the main point of this post:

Disney is giving the Jonas Brothers there very own TV show. this news would only excite pre pubescent girls and guys who like other guys…..

this show seems like it might be funny, i might catch a few episodes and sees where it brings me. but for now, it seems like it’s just another way for Disney to make more money, and hopefully they’ll make more movies instead of wasting it away on these lame singing people who will probably be dropped from the Disney label.

here’s a sneak preview i found on youtube

huh, you guys notice that if you take the first two letter of Jonas Brothers (JB) and switch em’ to make (BJ) as in blowjob, lol


Beautiful girls


Beautiful girls Cover by 3/5’s of the plain white t’s

88697164652-300yes you heard me right, the famouse song beautiful girls by Sean Kingston. and here i thought this dissapeared in the music world, it stopped playing on the radio, and i havent heard from it, untill today

3 members of the band yellow card played this song as a cover, played beautifully by the way. in my opinion i like there version better, but that’s only me, you have you own thought i have mined.

well anyways here is the original of the song beautifuls girls song my Sean Kingston:

and here is the cover by the plain white T’s

Lights and Sounds

yellowcard AH!, Yellow card. one of my oldest… groups i listen to…..

anyways, i was searching around youtube for stuff to listen to, and i found one of there new songs, “lights and sounds” this song has a nice beat.

i personally like this song very much, but it seems like one of those songs that would die off, and be left in my favorites for such a long time, until one day i browse through my favorites list to find stuff to get rid of (every 3 months)

but here’s the long:

The Take over, the breaks over


i have just recently come across another song i like, candidate for one of the songs i listen to contently, A.K.A “the take over, the breaks over” i came across it through you tube like i find the ofter song is listen to.

but anyways, the reason why i like this song is because i like the lyrics, and i love the beat, and that basically it, in general i don’t like the fallout boy. in my eyes this band was just about 50/50, but this song puts them about 60/40.

well anyways, just writing this to tell you that i like it~

here’s the vid!

Shilohs new SONG! ~goodbye, you suck~

operator-a-girl-lile-me-shiloh Shiloh gets a new song, following her supposed one hit wonder in my books “Operator”

and here i thought i would never have to see and or hear of her again, but here i am watching her new song “goodbye, you suck” pretty funny title, if i do say my self.

anyways this song is pretty good, i suppose, not my favorites tho, but it’s not like my thought count for an numeric value.

her is the unofficial music video to her new song: