Sims 3 Review



Sims 3 review

Today, I picked up Sims 3 for the console (360 to be precise) I’ve been a Sims fan for a long time, although it’s been a while since I last manipulated lives. I’ve never really played the pc version of the Sims so I’m already use to playing with a console.

Admittedly Sims 3 for the Console isn’t half bad, sure I don’t get to create a world full of my own little creations, but to build my dream house and all that jazz. The games interface is easy to get the hang of, with some practice.

There are some Pros and Cons to this game and any other. One of my favourite aspect in this games, like the rest of the Sims series is that I’m able to customize the characters, I’ve always found this aspect to the game an enjoyable one, it’s also great that the character creation is nothing like the one in “The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion” where half the time you end up walking around as a deformed freak of sorts (still a great game all in all). One of my least favoured aspect of the game is that the money system confuses me (a lot), and the fact that as I write this, someone just robbed me of my couch… the fuck. I’m actually pretty upset about this… I no longer have a couch, how will my Sim lazy around now!? HOW!?!?!?!?!? I mean who fucking steals a couch with a fucking TV right in front of it. Which I imagine would be so much lighter compared to a couch.

The further I go into this game the more interesting it gets for me (although my brother is playing it right now as I write this) sure at the moment I’m tired, but whatever. That’s all I really had to say about this game. All in all it’s pretty good, I recommend it to anyone who cares enough of it.


long time/COD MW2

Man, how long has it been since i last posted something??, too long. i’ve just been extremely busy with school work and stuff…. got a xbox 360 and now i can finally stop going to my friends house just to play (lmao) and one of the first games i picked up was call of duty modern warfare 2.

mother fucking AY!!!!!!!

dang this game is the shit!. i haven’t been on the campaign yet but my budz all say it’s the greatest ass shit i’ll ever see. now i don’t think that is true, i mean there’s still games being released some might be better. but all i can say for now is that i love the fucking multiplayer, but it does get annoying how there arent alot of reliable servers half the games i go into it’s fucking lagging like no tomorrow. lets just say it’s studdering like your mouth when you talking to a very…. pretty women, or man… but you should if you haven’t pick up this game. i don’t care what system you have, just fucking get itt.

and one more thing. buring the time i don’t post anything is when i get the most views…. that’s weird but very awesome :p

COD:Modern warfare 2~!!!!

ganna be awesome

ganna be awesome

and here i though Cod4: modern warfare was good. they are releasing another one. there is no doubt in my mind that my mind will be blown. the graphics on this game are simply unreal, making the game just better.

check this kick ass video i found on youtube:

doesn’t that just look like a barrel of laughs?. this game will bring forth the fps genre, most likely on release date you and i will both be yelling “OH YEA, PWND YOU NUB, ROFLCOPPTER!”. andyways, that’s all i have to say.