Although releasing back in 08, i finally decided to watch this anime. even though i’ve started watching it back when it first released but then somehow it disspaeared in the snece that i stopped watching it?…

i don’t really have an explanation as to why i stopped watching it. the story is interesting enough but i still have no idea.

well i’m not about 5 episodes into this anime and so far it’s GREAT! i love Taiga she is so cute and adorable with a dash of evil and is able to destroy me, but somehow that makes my affection for he even more in a way…. althou i’m not usallu prone to prefering the “Loli” over the “normal” of “oppai” girls, in this anime my preferences changed slightly. maybe because she reminds me Shana of “shakugan no Shana” could it be i have an interest in “tsundere” girls?. could be.

I love this anime8.5/10


La Tale


La Tale~

i lately started playing this game called La Tale, and i have to say, i find it pretty ammusing. the game play kinda remind me of Maple Story, you know the 2D~esk with a mix of awesome. well anyways the game is pretty interesting, if your looking for anything new to play, i’d say get a swig of this game.

Link to site:



k-onK-On!’s story revolves around four Japanese high school girls who join their school’s light music club to try to save it from being abolished. However, they are the only members of the club, and none of them have any experience playing musical instruments or reading sheet music.


i just recently watched the first episode of this series, and I’ve got this to say. it’s one very cool anime, like the description i provided states, it’s about four girls forming a band through the light music club at there school, but none of them knows how to read sheet music, so this anime series seems like it will be a fun one. personally i hope the come out with more soon.

the people who provided me with this anime is Chihiro subs. they rule, so make sure to check them out.


Story: 4/5

voices: 6/5! (lol, i just love the way one of them talks, it’s so freakin cute)

overall impresion: 8.5/10