Star Trek

kick ass

kick ass

now, I’m not saying I’m a full out Star Trek fan boy, but i am saying is that this movie kicks ass.

if you don’t even know the original story. you’d still find yourself to enjoy this film. the story is altered form the original to the point that the directors could have even added a flying monkey. I’m glad they didn’t, that would just be weird.

you can’t say you lived your life and not have heard “beam me up Scottie”, or “live long and prosper”. this new movie has all the cult classic lines, and it references to the show. like how they brought a random red suit with them on a mission, and he ended up dying. it must be tough being a red shirt.

well anyways. if you like of dislike star trek, watch this movie. you will be finding your self on the edge of your seat though out the film.

This movie litterally ruined my summer movie line up. not saying that i won’t go the themovies coming out this summer. but this movie is just so awesome, brings me to tears (no not really).

if your reading this, you should definitly see this movie.


Story: 9/10

acting: 8/10

overall mpression: 10/10


X-Men Origins: Wolverine


OH yea~!

i finally got off my fat ass and write a review for this movie. i watched it like a week back and I’m not sure what i thought of it. the graphics in this movie were horrible, not even comparable to X-Men 2. although the story was by far the best out of the X-men series. well, in my mind it is.

wolverine has been my childhood hero since childhood. he’s right up their with Goku from Dragon Ball Z. one of the reasons i idealize Wolverine is because he’s like the only Canadian super hero, and the fact he’s FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!

if your ever in the mood to watch a movie filled with awesomeness (excluding CG) then go watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Story: 10/10

acting: 5/10

overall impression: 6/10

Forced Chemo

in recent news. a 13 year old boy is forced into undergo Chemo therapy. i personally think this is wrong. if the boy or his parents don’t want him to take chemo, he should be able to not undergo chemo. it’s as simple as that.

you must be wondering why won’t he undergo treatment for his cancer?, well. the reason is that the family is i part of a religion in which i forgot the name of, but the point  is that they prefer more natural supplements to health care.

Bitch, you just got a tasering


in recent news, a kid got tassered!, that mofo got his ass handed to him, lol.

on to the story. a kid got tassered to “take you daughters or sons to work day” why?, because the parents gave permission. betting these parent are inbred morons. i mean who in there fucking right mind would let their kids to be fucking tased?!. i mean seriously. i personaly don’t blame the cop. well in some way i do, but i mostly blame the parents. to let a cop taser their kids with 50.000 volts.

DAMN, the human race is getting dummer by the freaking second.

heres some more details on the story:

click here

Jonas Brothers tv show


Disney, for shame. first you bring this world that pop Deva with a split personality, and now you bring the world guys who wear purity rings. what on earth has gotten into you guys?!?, seriously, what happened to the good ol’ days of,… the Lion king, and all that nonsense.

Disney has been bringing up these teenagers to boast them around for some profit. giving them record labels, cash, and even a TV show. but once there to old, you ditch them like last weeks casserole.

but anyways. on to the main point of this post:

Disney is giving the Jonas Brothers there very own TV show. this news would only excite pre pubescent girls and guys who like other guys…..

this show seems like it might be funny, i might catch a few episodes and sees where it brings me. but for now, it seems like it’s just another way for Disney to make more money, and hopefully they’ll make more movies instead of wasting it away on these lame singing people who will probably be dropped from the Disney label.

here’s a sneak preview i found on youtube

huh, you guys notice that if you take the first two letter of Jonas Brothers (JB) and switch em’ to make (BJ) as in blowjob, lol