Toy Story 3~ <3

it's awesome :3

Toy story three is probably one of the best movies coming out of 2010,… so far 😉

while watching this movie nostalia hit me like a brick at some points in the movie, and truth be told, it almost made me cry (but didn’t) but not a sad cry, but happy cry, if that makes any sence.

you should diffinilty watch this if you haven’t yet, or by now pick it up on DVD or do it the illegal way by downloading it, not saying you SHOULD download it…. just saying you should watch it in the matter of your choice, i recomend buying it to give back to pixar what they gave to us. i personaly watched it 3 times, and it’s still awesome, just like Toy Story 1 and 2.

here’s a funny pic i found on DA from a scene from toy story~

by: Wonchop


isn’t it just halarious?

here’s a link to the original: Link

and here’s an image of a scene that i thought was one of the best~!

By: Nasou


isn’t it just beautiful?

such a lovely scene, once again, this is my favortie scene from the movie, and i think it’ll be that way for awhile.

Here’s the link to the original image :


Movie: 10/10