Battle Field Heroes



BattleField: Heroes is the next name under the “battlefield” fanchise. personaly i don’t like this game very much. a cartoon fps?, not my slice of cake/ i downloaded this game and withing the following match or 2 i just stoped the game and uninstalled it.

the only part i actually liked about the game was flying the plane. The game would be better in my eyes if we actually get to choose a match to participate in, and not get thrown into one.

thats all i really have to say about this game.


COD:Modern warfare 2~!!!!

ganna be awesome

ganna be awesome

and here i though Cod4: modern warfare was good. they are releasing another one. there is no doubt in my mind that my mind will be blown. the graphics on this game are simply unreal, making the game just better.

check this kick ass video i found on youtube:

doesn’t that just look like a barrel of laughs?. this game will bring forth the fps genre, most likely on release date you and i will both be yelling “OH YEA, PWND YOU NUB, ROFLCOPPTER!”. andyways, that’s all i have to say.




Up! is probably my favourite 3D movie so far. I watched this a while back and i am just now posting about it. Up is about a young wilderness scout Russel, an old fart Carl Fredricksen, and probably the funniest character in the movie Dug or Alpha. The story begins when Carl decides to go on an adventure so he tied together thousands of balloons to his house. Accompanying him is the young wilderness scout Russel. Upon landing in some strange land in South America they meet up with a weird bird thing and Dug the talking dog.

They later bump into Charles Muntz and his pack of loyal canine companions. Charles Muntz is the child hood hero of Carls, but they soon find out that Charles Muntz is hunting the bird the befriended earlier on in the story. Carl had to make up his mind to either defend or give the bird to this glorry hunting nut case.

That’s basically the story of the movie, i will not soon forget about it.

Full metal Alchemist brotherhood


New FMA series? That’s right the second of the FMA series. I personally like this one better than the first FMA. FMA:brotherhood, like the original follows the manga. But unlike the original this series is shorter, the story goes by a lot faster, which in turn keeps me watching, and the comedy in this series is to my liking.

If you like the original you’d enjoy this one. The animation didn’t change. Just the time it take to watch the whole series changed.