Although releasing back in 08, i finally decided to watch this anime. even though i’ve started watching it back when it first released but then somehow it disspaeared in the snece that i stopped watching it?…

i don’t really have an explanation as to why i stopped watching it. the story is interesting enough but i still have no idea.

well i’m not about 5 episodes into this anime and so far it’s GREAT! i love Taiga she is so cute and adorable with a dash of evil and is able to destroy me, but somehow that makes my affection for he even more in a way…. althou i’m not usallu prone to prefering the “Loli” over the “normal” of “oppai” girls, in this anime my preferences changed slightly. maybe because she reminds me Shana of “shakugan no Shana” could it be i have an interest in “tsundere” girls?. could be.

I love this anime8.5/10


end of K-on?!?!?

why end? OnO

on an article i read on sankaku comlex (link: here) states the K-on, one of my all time favorite anime is going to end. i’m in a state of non-beliefe and is playing that this is a hoax of somesorts. the article says that the possbility of K-on coming to and end is indeed upon us, but nothing is confirmed so i am hoping it will be confirmed that it will be staying with us for atleast another year or so.

if k-on does go away i just hope something will come about and fill it’s place in my hear just as K-on did with Luckystar and how Luckystar replaced Suzumiya in my heart >.< (i guess i’m not a loyal fan, ehehehh….)

Best anime ever! is what i have to say to High school of the Dead. well maybe not the best but in my top 10 animes list. High school of the dead has both busty chicks, pantsu action, ecchi lovelyness and most impotant of all, ZOMBIES!

i actually can’t wait for the next instalment of this anime!

people should just generally watch it, if your not into these kinds of anime, it’s okay… i guess (is dissapointed in anyone who doesn’t like this type of anime)


K-on!! season two~!

Yep! K-on has a second season! and it’s on it’s 14th (or so episode) o.o

i once again didn’t write anything on this becasue i was lazy… but i am still very happy that they released it!, and i mean like really happy. for some reason moe-blobs are fucking epic in my eyes. i know of some people who would disagree. i only have one thing to say to you guys “i don’t give a fuck what you think”. K-on is awesome, although if you really go down to the root of it it’s bisically a story following 5 (epic cute) high school girls.

by george i’m a pervert, but you know what? i don’t care (in truth i knida do) k-on in my eyes would still be probably one of my favorite moe-blobs.

you should definitly watch this show, it’s a really fun, really cute series 🙂


Kampfer~! (anime)

ever here of Kemper? and no i don’t mean the gundum.

It’s finally time for me to post my thoughts and reviews about this anime. truthfully it’s a very interesting anime. although very perverted but that the thing that attracts my the most about this anime :p (don’t you judge me) but i think the perverted aspect of animes well some anime (not saying all anime’s are the same) is the one thing that brings in the most people to sit down and watch it. at first i was kinda thrown off gaurd when the male lead turns into a girl through some kind of magical power of sort (not a spoiler it’s basically right off the bat). i’ve seen many anime’s and there were some with a boy dressing like a girl. but never a dude actually turning into a chick (i’m sure there out there but this is the first time i saw it).

This anime is highly entertaining, the characters are all very likeable and theres TALKING animes, and not like Kero from card captors. i mean stuffed animes that fucking TALK!. well i guess it’s like KON from bleach, but i don’t like that thing.

although the end was a little iffy. it was still a fun anime to watch :p

La Tale


La Tale~

i lately started playing this game called La Tale, and i have to say, i find it pretty ammusing. the game play kinda remind me of Maple Story, you know the 2D~esk with a mix of awesome. well anyways the game is pretty interesting, if your looking for anything new to play, i’d say get a swig of this game.

Link to site:


Full metal Alchemist brotherhood


New FMA series? That’s right the second of the FMA series. I personally like this one better than the first FMA. FMA:brotherhood, like the original follows the manga. But unlike the original this series is shorter, the story goes by a lot faster, which in turn keeps me watching, and the comedy in this series is to my liking.

If you like the original you’d enjoy this one. The animation didn’t change. Just the time it take to watch the whole series changed.