Runescape botting

here’s two video’s posted by SilentC0re on YouTube.

Here’s the first video where he guides us through the different types of bots and such:

and here are the resulting video produced:

the music in the begining it kinda annoying but oh well.

now, to answer some questions that might be;

Q: have i ever botted in my years of RS?

A: no (that’s the truth)

Q: do i know how to aquire bots?

A: yes, but just google it yourself, it’s not that hard

Q: have you ever cheated on RS?

A: yes, on the days before the GE (grand exchange) i use to have multiple windows up on two computers (two windows each) with wood cutters cutting willows for money (i did it this way because i was about 12, and didn’t know about these RS bots) two windows for speed (i was still pretty technecally knowledgable.

Q: do you know people who use bots?, and or program to cheat?

A: yes, one of my good friends in real life still plays and cheats for fishing using a ghost mouse, ghost mouse is a program that records your mouse movements and and “plays” that when pressing play on the actual program. (no, i won’t link you to it….)

Q: have bots ever annoyed you in game by getting in the way?

A: yea, haven’t they bothered everyong who played RS who played about 2 years ago?, if you know what i’m talking about, those “Bob’s” running around with like lvl 99 Wood cutting and just generally ugly to look at.

that’s enough Q and A, hope you guys enjoyed 🙂


My Opinions: Runescape

RuneScape-Wallpaper--runescape-457602_1024_768 lately I’ve been absorbed in this game. i know what most of you are thinking while reading this “rune scape?, more like Run Escape”. but bear with me. I’ve played this game many times before. and i quite for an undetermined amount of time, then come back to it. i remember playing back in the days on elementary school. me and my friends would waste countless hours on this game, meeting up before school, coming home from school at lunch time to get that 30-40 minutes of “play time”. but i find my self asking this, “what makes this game able to make me want to come back”. there’s no clear explanation, it just happens. i think it’s because it not like other MMO’s where we are bound to a single class like the common classes among MMO’s which are Warrior, Mage, and Archer and any other variation on those. as you read on your probably like “this guys a loser and will be living in his parents basement for the remainder of his life” but i also know some of you ARE what they accuse my future to be so i don’t mind.

the rune scape community is filled with Jackasses who have nothing better to do than to go on and make fun of people if they have weak combat, no money and or no 99 skill cape. that is the sad truth about this game. i can can safely say that I’ve been held up in a “flam” war many time within the past 2 weeks that could be seen from space. but in truth i was just sitting on my chair sitting away at my drink “most likely a coke”. and same could be said about the other player.

when people find out i play Rune scape, they stare at me funny, but i don’t really mind (unless the say something that can inforce my wrath). so i tend to keep in on the downlow.

i’ve also noticed that it’s alot easiers to skill on this game now. now a days we can easily “buy” our skills, like with fletching, prayer, and other skills of the sort. this to me doesn’t “feel” like the runescape i played as a younger me. i find it irritating to see like 15 + people with skill capes everywhere i go. it’s not jealousy or anything, but i’m just more use to seeing 1 persone with a skill cape once in every other blue moon. although the grand exchange does make it easier for me to get supplies then to stand in a random world repeditly saying “buying sharks~!!!!!” and so on.

Runscape also made mad it easier to do mini games by making selective woulds where poepl can meet and to the game. before it was stifiling to world hope numerous times just to find a “playable ” world.

that’s basicaly it guys. hoped you enjoyed

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