Grand theft auto 4

like i said before in a previous post, i got my self a new 360. i got the one that came with this game. and it’s fucking awesome!, i love how the story plays through, and i love the whole idea of GTA, i can fucking murder a prostitute after interrelations and get my money back ahahahaha.

but basically it’s a fun ass game you should pick it up.


Kampfer~! (anime)

ever here of Kemper? and no i don’t mean the gundum.

It’s finally time for me to post my thoughts and reviews about this anime. truthfully it’s a very interesting anime. although very perverted but that the thing that attracts my the most about this anime :p (don’t you judge me) but i think the perverted aspect of animes well some anime (not saying all anime’s are the same) is the one thing that brings in the most people to sit down and watch it. at first i was kinda thrown off gaurd when the male lead turns into a girl through some kind of magical power of sort (not a spoiler it’s basically right off the bat). i’ve seen many anime’s and there were some with a boy dressing like a girl. but never a dude actually turning into a chick (i’m sure there out there but this is the first time i saw it).

This anime is highly entertaining, the characters are all very likeable and theres TALKING animes, and not like Kero from card captors. i mean stuffed animes that fucking TALK!. well i guess it’s like KON from bleach, but i don’t like that thing.

although the end was a little iffy. it was still a fun anime to watch :p

long time/COD MW2

Man, how long has it been since i last posted something??, too long. i’ve just been extremely busy with school work and stuff…. got a xbox 360 and now i can finally stop going to my friends house just to play (lmao) and one of the first games i picked up was call of duty modern warfare 2.

mother fucking AY!!!!!!!

dang this game is the shit!. i haven’t been on the campaign yet but my budz all say it’s the greatest ass shit i’ll ever see. now i don’t think that is true, i mean there’s still games being released some might be better. but all i can say for now is that i love the fucking multiplayer, but it does get annoying how there arent alot of reliable servers half the games i go into it’s fucking lagging like no tomorrow. lets just say it’s studdering like your mouth when you talking to a very…. pretty women, or man… but you should if you haven’t pick up this game. i don’t care what system you have, just fucking get itt.

and one more thing. buring the time i don’t post anything is when i get the most views…. that’s weird but very awesome :p