Genital measuring device??

I caught wind of this article through the Monday-9-2010 instalment of Sxephil

along with other news that you can just watch the video for. But one story caught my attention, so i clicked the link Phile has provided in the video description;

Link: CBC

i read through it and it seems that in B.C, in the great nation of which i live in, Canada have been using this to test on sex offenders to see if they are, well, sexoffenders… this actually creeped me out. through my understanding how this device wors is that they apply this device on the mans …. thing and then proceeded to show them nude or semi-nude children while they have them listen to audio of a rape. this actually made my skill crawl. They also gathered together 132 “volunteers” from vages starting at 13 to test this. This made my skin crawl, EVEN MORE.

this brought forth a lot of questions like:

-aren’t the images of the children illegel

-would this be a form of human injustice/humiliation

-why show pictures of children?, i mean there CHILDREN! not cool at all. and naked or at least semi-naked picture, not cool x2

and many other questions that i’ve since forgotten due to lack of interest. there are some good things though. such as it’ll prevent sex offenders from offending again… so atleast they have that…. still creeps me out tho.

but apparently they inded this project which was testing for about 2 decads,have stopped bacuase, to my understanding one of the researchers was charged with sexual assult, OH THE IRONY~

Thats my take on it, read it yourself for more, and better detial. it’s a pretty interestion article, still very creepy tho.


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